Want To Grow Trees On Your Property? Consider The Front Yard

5 April 2016
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Adding to your landscape can be accomplished in many ways. Creating a vegetable garden, planting flowers, or growing trees are some of your options. It is also possible to invest in hardscaping, but landscaping with new trees is one of the best ways to enjoy long-term rewards. While you can grow trees on the sides of your property or in the backyard, the front yard is a perfect choice for a few reasons.

Protect Vehicles in the Driveway

When you have mature trees in your front yard, as long as they have a decent-sized canopy, they will likely protect the vehicles that sit in your driveway from constant exposure to the sun. It might not shade the space all day, but this can prevent your car that is always parked outside from experiencing paint oxidization. Also, tree shade naturally keeps your vehicle a little cooler than if it were sitting in the sun.

Shade Your Home from the Sun

A full-grown tree will likely shade not only your vehicle and driveway, but your home as well. This shade will help you during spring, summer, and even early fall when the weather is still warm. If you live in a climate that gets cold, you should consider planting trees that lose their leaves during wintertime. These include deciduous trees and a few options include oaks, maples, alders, and birches.

Increase the Curb Appeal

A well-maintained tree will provide your property with an increase in value. The exact numbers and percentages are based on numerous factors, but you could enjoy a $1,000 to $10,000 value from a single tree. However, taking it a step further and planting multiple trees in the front yard can have an even greater impact, so do not hesitate to plant several trees when you want to improve the curb appeal.

Improve the Neighborhood

By planting trees and making your curb appeal better, you are improving your neighborhood. Neighboring houses will have their values increased, even if it is only by a slight margin, because they are near a nice home. So, even though you may only have the intention to grow trees for your personal wants and needs, you can make your neighbors happy, which can improve relationships within the neighborhood.

Although it is popular for homeowners to grow trees in the backyard, where homeowners usually have the most space, the front yard has many, if not more benefits to enjoy from planting trees.

For professional help with trees, contact a tree service in your area.