The Dangers Of Dead Trees

4 March 2016
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Mature trees can lend an atmosphere of elegance to your landscape. Healthy trees enhance your outdoor living space, but when a tree dies it can quickly become a hazard. If you have a dead tree in your yard, getting rid of it as quickly as possible can be beneficial.

Here are three reasons why allowing dead trees to remain in your landscape can be dangerous.

1. Brittle wood can cause injuries.

Trees provide a whimsical environment for young children to explore. While the branches of a healthy tree may be able to support the weight of a small child, nutrients are not replaced in a tree that is dead or dying. This causes the wood in a dead tree to become brittle, which means it can easily break.

Falling from a tree could cause serious injury to a small child, so having dead trees removed from your landscape as quickly as possible will help you keep your young ones safe while they play outdoors.

2. Dead trees can be a fire hazard.

If your dead trees are located near power or utility lines, they can quickly become a fire hazard that puts your entire neighbborhood in danger. Strong winds have the ability to easily break limbs free from a dead tree. These limbs can become entangled in nearby power lines, sparking flames that could lead to a fire.

Not only will your home be placed in harm's way if a fire breaks out, but the homes of your neighbors could go up in flames as well. Removing dead trees eliminates potential fire hazards from your neighborhood.

3. Dead trees can pose a health risk.

If you want to ensure that your family remains healthy, then removing dead trees from your landscape could be beneficial. Rodents often take up residence in dead trees, resulting in an infestation that could compromise your family's health.

Mice and other rodents are directly responsible for transmitting diseases like the plague and salmonellosis to humans. Eliminating the places where rodents like to burrow from your yard (like dead trees) can help you avoid coming into contact with a diseased rodent in the future.

Removing dead trees from your landscape can not only improve the aesthetic of your yard, it can make your outdoor living space safer as well. Dead trees could lead to injury, fires, and disease, so hiring a professional (like Arbor Man Tree Care) to get rid of your dead trees is advised.